Gold’s Gym Inspiration


I was unable to find who the original designer is but it is for a campaign by Gold’s Gym trying to help people who want to make a lifestyle change. The thing that I loved about this design is that it made such a statement to me. I am in a class this semester called American Epidemic where we talk about health problems such as Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, etc. and so I have really been focusing on getting healthy. I may not be fat, but I am definitely not fit, so this ad stood out to me.


What I like about the contrast in this ad is that it stands out among others. It stands out because there is a bright yellow background with black lettering. They even have the model in a black speedo so that he stands out a little more than normal. I also like the contrast between the words and model on each line. That is something very small, but to me, it makes a big difference seeing that contrast. There is a message in and of itself right there.


Repetition in this ad is very obvious. They you the same layout on each line. They use the same size lettering. They use the same guy. There is no change of color. It is very repetitious.


What I like about the alignment is that even though the design is simple and the man keeps getting smaller in width size, they make sure that the F’s and T’s are lined up with each other. Everything is centered perfectly and it moves your eye from the top all the way to the logo at the bottom. It is aligned so well that there is no busyness and you get the message right away.


For proximity, the designer did a good job at making the spacing even and not making it too crowded. There is the perfect amount of space between the logo and the wording as well. The words may be bigger, but it is perfect for this ad to get the message across.


The color of this Gold’s Gym ad is very important. Yellow is a very bright color and it catches your attention very easily. There are only two colors on here (besides the color of the model) and I think that is very important. With having only two colors, it means it’s not busy and you are able to catch the message of the ad much easier.


I love this ad because of the simplicity of it, but also how important the message is. With the principles talked about (contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity, and color) you can see why the designer chose such an eye catching but easy design. And I think that is very important!


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