Magazine Spread Final


When asked by my teacher to put together a magazine spread using an article from or, I immediately knew that I wanted to use a talk given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland in an LDS General Conference. There were two talks that stood out to me in my mind the most, but one came to me a little stronger.

I chose to use Elder Holland’s talk from the April 2016 Conference. I chose this talk because it came at a time when I was feeling alone and I didn’t have any friends around me. I was living with girls who I was becoming friends with, but I was still really lonely. All my other friends were either on missions, living in Utah and California, or I didn’t talk to them anymore. My family was in Utah while I was in Idaho, I had just had my heart broken, and I was feeling more lonely than I had ever felt before. I didn’t have anyone I could go to. I didn’t feel like there was a Priesthood holder that I could turn to for a blessing. I didn’t have friends to talk to or to go on long drives with. And I didn’t have a car so I couldn’t go on a drive by myself. My Grandfather had just passed away a month earlier and I was regretting not knowing him as well as I could have because we lived on opposite sides of the country. Everything seemed to be crashing down at once. But the Lord knew what I needed. He knew that I was feeling this way and He was prepared to show me that I wasn’t alone. That I had a friend at all times. That I could turn to Him and feel comforted.


This talk given by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland helped me at a time when I didn’t think I could continue on any longer. The words spoken by Elder Holland were not from him, but from the Lord Himself. I cried from the second the first word came out of Elder Holland’s mouth. I chose this talk because it helped me at my most desperate moment, and I want it to help someone else in need. I want someone who is feeling lonely and depressed to know that they are not alone. I want them to know that they don’t have to be sad anymore. They don’t need to go through life having the same feelings I had because there is someone out there that loves them more than anything. There is someone out there that is their forever friend. There is someone out there that they can turn to. That someone is their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He knows how we feel. He has been where we are. He has been in the lowest of lows and He can help us out of our lows. I hope that this article will help someone to turn to their Savior and to feel His love in their time of need, and always.


I am a very simple person and that’s why I chose to design this magazine spread like I did. I am a very clean, simple person and I feel like that reflects in my design. I have simple colors, a very simple design, and very simple pictures. I didn’t want to make this design over powering with strong pictures or strong colors because when someone is in that depression state, or when they are feeling alone, they don’t want bright colors or happiness. And even though there is a blue color, it appeals to depression. Blue gives off a calming effect and that is exactly what someone with depression needs. I also thought the blue tied each page together with the blue in the first picture from the sky and the blue font in the pull quote on the last page.

Something else that I tried to do was make it so that it didn’t look so busy, even though there is a lot of text on the pages. I brought the paragraphs in a little to give a little bit more negative space on every side. I also wanted to split the talk into five different sections because I thought it was important to see where the hard starts and where we can see the light come into our lives throughout the talk.

When looking at a way to incorporate pictures into this spread, I had a couple things in mind but as I was looking through my pictures one day, I realized I had already taken the more perfect pictures. To me, the end of the day is sometimes the hardest. You have gone through a day that wasn’t necessarily the best, and you just want it to end, and sometimes you don’t want tomorrow to come. You sit there looking at a sunset with very little thought about tomorrow. You sit there just wanting to close your eyes and not get up the next morning. That is why I used the two sunset pictures on the first and last pages. But the next morning you get up, you start over, and sometimes you look to something as beautiful as the sun shining behind a temple, and you realize that each day is a new start. You look for the positive and you move forward. These pictures tell a story to me that words can not always express. And that is why I chose the pictures I did.

As far as typography for this design, again, I wanted something simple. I didn’t want anything too overpowering and I felt like the size of the title was perfect for using the Apple Chancery font on InDesign. I thought it was very elegant and easy to read. And in contrast to that, I love the Helvetica font and wanted that to be a font I used because of its simplicity but power.


As I think back on this design and why I chose to use the talk I did and the design I created, I can’t help but think that maybe my words and the words of Elder Holland will help someone in need of feeling peace and comfort in their lives at this time. I know his words helped me, and I want to do everything I can to help someone else. I am pleased with my design, but I’m even more pleased with the peace I continue to feel when I think about how my Savior is always here for me and He is always here for those in need of His love at any point in their lives. What a blessing that is!


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