Icon Set Final


For my icon set designs, I wanted to do something very simple, but also something that everyone can recognize. I had a hard time coming up with something for my design until I realized that I wanted to create icons that could be put up in my two-week old nephews room.

Something that is important to my family is sports. We love all kinds of sports. My dad was on the BYU bowling team when he was in college, my siblings and I grew up playing recreation soccer, Jr. Jazz basketball, and my brothers were all on little league baseball teams (we are also HUGE Chicago Cubs fans). So I decided that I wanted to create icons with these sports that are important to my family. But I wanted to keep them simple enough for someone like my two-week old nephew all the way to the age of a little boy who is 10 years old. They are simple but I think they tell a story when they all come together.


Like I said above, I wanted my icons to be very simple. From the get-go I knew that all I wanted was for the sports balls to have no color to them besides the black lines and white background. I thought that this would stand out with a colored background. So I immediately started thinking about what colors would be good.

I first decided that because a baseball has red stitching, the baseball background had to be red. 

I decided that the basketball background had to be orange to match the color of a basketball. 

But I was stuck on the soccer ball and bowling ball because they can have so many colors to them. I decided to keep it easy and make the soccer ball background green because of the grass they play on, and I wanted to make the bowling ball background blue because that’s the color of my dad’s ball from college. 

I was worried that the colors would clash but I feel like they are the perfect colors for what I was intending.

As part of the requirements for my class, we had to come up with three defining connections for the icons. The three the I chose were: a box around the image, each sport had to be one that had a circular design, and I wanted the sports balls to be all black and white. This was very important to me because I felt like with a colored background they would stand out a little more. I had a couple classmates tell me that I should add some color to the balls themselves, but after explaining how the background has connection to the sport, they understood better and thought that was a great idea!


Like I had mentioned before, my nephew is only two weeks old and I wanted to make something that would possibly be put up in his room from now until he was about 10-years old. I wanted to make my icons easy to tell what they were no matter how far away you are, but I also wanted them to tell a story of a little boys’ love for sports starting at such a young age.