Video Final

I am most proud of the slide design assignment and I think the thing I learned the most from this class is that even though I don’t feel like I’m creative, I can create and I just need to believe in myself more.


Slide Design Final


For my slide design, I decided to use an ad I found by Nike for their #makeitcount campaign. What I liked about this ad, is that it was regular people who want to make what they do count. They are working hard and making a difference in their lives. I chose the picture of the gentleman running because his face is fierce and I thought it made a powerful statement just by looking at it. I got this picture from

The reason I chose this specific ad is because I thought it spoke to anyone from any age, but especially for young adults ages 18-35. I don’t know about others in this age range, but for myself, I need that motivation that came from this ad campaign. I don’t think that my efforts count for much of anything, but looking through all the ads that Nike put together, it gave me a little inspiration to do it because it counts for me. It doesn’t necessarily need to count for others, it just needs to count for me. And I hope that these ads help others between the ages of 18 and 35 to know that they can do anything they want if they put their mind to it. They need to make it count for them and them alone.


Some of the things that I wanted to focus on in my slides was the design, the typography, and the color.


To begin with the design, like I mentioned above, the ad spoke to me because he has such a fierce look on his face, but it’s fierce with determination. You can tell that he is working towards a personal goal and he is not giving up until he reaches that point. But even when he does reach that point, he will make a new goal and work towards that. He is determined to keep pushing himself at all times, he is “making it count” for him.

The typography in the design was also very important to look at. The one that is most present in the ad is the handwritten typography. I learned that this is actually the runners handwriting. This quote is something that he says to help him keep going every day. I thought that was really important to point out because it makes a difference in the ad when it’s handwriting compared to something you find already online or in your photoshop.

The next typography is the one used for his Twitter account and the hashtag. This font is found in former logos of Nike and fits perfectly with the handwriting typography right above it. They both bring a lot of contrast to each other.

The next idea I looked at was the color of the ad. To me, black and white makes a very powerful statement. Whenever I see a black and white picture, I am drawn to it immediately. To me, there is more to say in a black and white photo than there is to say in a color photograph.

I then noticed that on all the #makeitcount ads, there is a small red hashtag. When you are looking at a picture that is black and white, and then it has one small piece of color, you know that is important. So I believe that because of the hashtag being red, it stands out a little more and helps to bring the whole picture together.

For my new ad, I wanted to make something that stood out just as much as the original Nike ads. I looked specifically for a black and white picture, and was very pleased with the one that I found. It is of a gentleman who looks like he is getting ready for a boxing match. It looks like he has one quick second to himself before things get going and he is in the ring. He is contemplating what he is going to do in the ring and how he is going to accomplish such a task. But what I really thought of when I saw the picture was how sometimes we have a minute to ourselves, especially in a tough situation, and we need to take a minute to prepare what we are going to do next. I didn’t know what quote I could put on the picture, so I went ahead and Googled some boxing quotes when I found one that says, “When life gets tough, put on your boxing gloves.” I’m not sure if this was a quote by someone specific, but I found it extremely relevant for my new ad for the #makeitcount ad campaign.


In the end, I made sure that my picture, my quote and my hashtag all looked and felt like it was a part of the original ad campaign for Nike. The black and white photo, the handwritten typography, and the red hashtag all come together to make it look like any other ad that was originally made by Nike. I hope that this is a campaign that continues to inspire young adults around the world who are holding back because they don’t think what they have to offer counts to anyone. Because as long as it counts to themselves, it counts!

New ad picture credit: Jorge Gonzalez, CC0 picture,

Creative Ad Final


For my creative design set, I had the demographics of: Female, ages 18-24, single, high school education, and income of $40,000-$59,000. I wasn’t really sure what I could do with my product of pots and pans, but after much deliberation in my mind, I decided to talk about how a specific brand could take you to a different world while cooking. I think that when you are a young single female, traveling and dreams are some of your biggest dreams. So I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I believe this design attracts my demographic because the brand I chose, Williams-Sonoma, is a little more expensive than most other brands, and I felt like putting the Colosseum in the pan would make it seem even more expensive for the experience a single female will have when cooking each night.


The design choices came together for me as I went searching for pictures to use. Because I wanted to make this design more of a “it can take you to different places” type of design, I decided to search my pictures from when I went to Europe. I found a picture of the Colosseum and knew I needed to find another picture that had more of an Italian feel. I was able to find a dish in a pan that I felt really brought that Italian feel to life for what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to make the typography anything over the top because I don’t feel like that would go with the Italian feel, so I kept that really simple with a serif font to contrast with the san serif font in the logo that I used.

I also wanted to make the picture of the Colosseum seem a little blended with the dish because it’s more of a dream, so I wanted to make it feel a little distant. I also thought that helped to keep the focus on the pots and pans, which is the whole purpose of the ad.


I needed to make my designs for a half-page magazine ad and a TV ad. They seemed to have almost the same measurements so I was able to fit everything on both of the ads. The only thing different between the two is that I had to make the pictures and typography slightly bigger.


I was really pleased with the pictures that I used because I thought they fit really well together. The first picture used was my own of the Colosseum. I took this back in 2011 when I visited Italy.

The second picture I used, I got from It is a Creative Common Zero (CC0) picture. The picture was taken and put up by Hans. (


As a single female myself, I am very pleased with how this design turned out. I think that it really tells a story and talks about some of my greatest dreams when I was that age. It’s interesting how just cooking dinner each night in pots and pans can really take you to another place and take you to places that sometimes you can only dream of. I hope that this is what others take from my design when they look at it.